New York Police Chase Ended with Arrest of Woman Suspect in Virginia Triple Homicide

New York Police Chase Ended with Arrest of Woman Suspect in Virginia Triple Homicide

A woman has been apprehended in New York after evading a traffic stop, driving at high speeds, and eventually crashing her car. The suspect is believed to be involved in the shocking murders of three roommates in Fredericksburg, Virginia, which left the local community in disbelief.

Alyssa Jane Venable, 23, has been charged with using a firearm to allegedly kill Gregory Scott Powell, Carol Anne Reese, and Robert John McGuire. The motive behind these murders is currently unknown, but the defendant’s grandmother expressed concerns about her granddaughter’s well-being and emphasized the need for assistance.

On Tuesday night, local authorities were called to conduct a welfare check and made a chilling discovery. Three victims were found deceased from upper body trauma. Following the welfare check, investigators concluded that the evidence strongly implicated Venable as the perpetrator of this abhorrent act.

The Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia, which previously mentioned that Venable may have shaved her head to avoid capture, released an update on Thursday expressing satisfaction with the arrest of the suspected triple murderer turned fugitive.

The sheriff’s office attributed the high-speed chase on I-86 in New York to the combined efforts of New York troopers and U.S. Marshals. They claimed that Venable accelerated her 2009 Honda Civic to speeds of up to 100 mph after realizing that law enforcement was closing in and attempting to pull her over around 5:45 p.m.

Venable was apprehended by New York State troopers on Thursday evening following a high-speed pursuit.

The vehicle being pursued did not comply, prompting the initiation of a pursuit. The pursuit extended into Troop E, with assistance from the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office and the New York State Police, according to troopers. The vehicle crashed after a tire deflation device was employed.

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After receiving medical treatment for injuries that were not life-threatening, the defendant will now be extradited to Virginia to face charges, according to troopers.

According to records from the Steuben County Jail, Venable was booked in the early hours of Friday. It appears that her head was not shaved, despite the speculation from the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office.

Spotsylvania General District Court records reveal that Venable has a significant criminal history dating back to March 2019, which began with an alleged shoplifting or price-altering offense. In a surprising turn of events, the original charge was modified to a single count of entering property with the intention of causing damage. In December 2021, she faced charges of petit larceny. In January of this year, she faced charges of reckless driving. The defendant was charged with assault and battery on May 17.

Gary Boxley, a neighbor, expressed his astonishment upon hearing about the investigation into a triple murder as per Law and Crime report.

Bonnie Ennis, a neighbor just across the street, mentioned to WWBT that as she was leaving for work around midnight on Tuesday, she noticed investigators’ squad cars parked outside the crime scene, their lights flashing.

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