Iowa Man Killed Mother with Slapjack over $50; Sent to Prison for 5 Decades after Heinous Crime

Iowa Man Killed Mother with Slapjack over $50; Sent to Prison for 5 Decades after Heinous Crime

A man from Iowa was given 50 years in jail for killing his mother with a “slapjack,” which looks like a whip.

The death of his mother, Elsie Mae Deason, 71, was the last thing George Deason, 53, heard about. The victim’s daughter found her body at her home in Cedar Rapids in June 2020. He was found guilty of second-degree murder by a judge in March.

In her victim impact statement read by the chief victim liaison for the Linn County Attorney’s Office, Deb Deason said, “I will never forget the day I walked into Mom’s house and found her in her bedroom. That will always be a part of my life.” It really shouldn’t have taken place. Because of him, I have bad dreams at night. I’ll always hate him. He is an evil person who should never be around other people.”

Eddie Forde, Elsie Deason’s sister, said in her victim impact statement that George Deason doesn’t feel bad about what he did.

The Gazette said that Forde wrote in her statement, “He is an animal and a monster.” “She deserved justice because she was a kind, loving, and gentle woman.”

The police said that on June 30, 2020, George Deason hurt his mother. On July 1, 2020, police were called to her house. The person whose daughter found her badly hurt found her. The Cedar Rapids Police Department said in a news release that she seemed to have been badly beaten and needed to be taken to the hospital.

The police quickly found her son and saw that he might have been involved in the beating. He yelled at police officers and kicked one of them. He also fought back before being arrested with the help of a police dog, according to officials. As a weapon, he had a “slapjack” on him, which is a metal object wrapped in leather.

Attempted to rob, hit a police officer with a dangerous weapon, and got in the way of government business with a dangerous weapon. He was taken to the Linn County Jail.

The police said he beat up his mother while trying to steal $50 as per Law&Crime.

Elsie Deason died on July 23, 2020, from her wounds. Tish Mehaffey of the Gazette reported that a social worker at the hospital said Elsie Deason told her she was afraid her son would get out of jail and come after her.

The defendant admitted to assaulting the victim but said that her death was due to a “intervening, superseding cause of pneumonia and a pulmonary embolism resulting from the assault.” These conditions got worse when she rejected medical care, food, and physical therapy, the paper said.

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