Grandson Admits Crime: Woman’s Decapitated Body Found by Friend in California Residence

Grandson Admits Crime: Woman's Decapitated Body Found by Friend in California Residence

A California man has admitted guilt to killing his grandmother; her headless body was found in her house in November 2023 by a friend.

On Nov. 2 in her Santa Rosa, Calif., home days after his release from state prison, where he had been serving time for assault and weapons possession, Elvia Lopez-Arroyo, 64, was killed by her grandson, Luis Gustavo Aroyo-Lopez The Press Democrat reported.

Now 24, Luis was a suspect from the start and Santa Rosa police said following the murder that he killed Elvia “in a targeted attack before leaving the scene with the female victim’s head.”

The Press Democrat reported on Tuesday Luis filed a guilty plea in the murder of his grandmother.

Following a homicide allegation, Santa Rosa police arrived to Elvia’s house on November 2. They discovered her decapitated body and, in a statement at the time, said:

According to the statement, San Francisco police detained Luis on November 4 under charges of murder and breaking his post-release community monitoring.

According to her neighbor, Elvia’s body was found by her acquaintance; CBS News later stated that her name was only Jessica.

Jessica claimed in an interview with the station that she observed Luis walking to the victim’s house “at a normal pace,” on the day of the murder.

When Elvia saw Luis, the neighbour remarked, she sounded “surprised and happy”.

A few hours later, Jessica noticed Elvia’s buddy dashing in and out of the house terrified.

She continued to scream, “No head!” Jessica remembered the friend’s response according to CBS News.

Another victim’s grandchild launched a GoFundMe for funeral expenses following her murder. She was recalled as a loving grandma on the fundraising website as per PEOPLE.

“She loved so very much all of her grandchildren and was a gentle person. The fundraiser said, “She didn’t deserve what was done to her.”

According to The Press Democrat, Luis withheld a reason for killing. The publication said he is expected back in court on June 27 for his sentence.

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