Accused Killer of Indiana Officer Seara Burton Found Dead in Cell, Mental Health Cited

Accused Killer of Indiana Officer Seara Burton Found Dead in Cell, Mental Health Cited

A man accused of killing an Indiana police officer in 2022 has passed away at a state prison, according to authorities.

Phillip Lee, 49, was incarcerated at Pendleton prison as he awaited trial next year for murder and other charges related to the tragic death of Richmond Officer Seara Burton. According to state police, correctional staff discovered him alone and unresponsive in his cell.

Authorities have not provided any information. However, Lee’s attorney stated that he was experiencing significant mental distress and tragically took his own life.

Phillip struggled with significant mental health challenges. According to Denise Turner, the development did not occur recently.

“We had a few mental health experts assisting Phillip, but they cannot be present around the clock,” Turner explained. Phillip was not receiving any assistance from the prison.

According to Greg Dunn, a representative from the Indiana Department of Correction, he is unable to provide any comments at this time.

Burton, 28, was shot while helping officers who had stopped Lee on his moped and had suspicions about his possession of drugs. Tragically, she passed away just one month later in September 2022. She had served as a police officer in Richmond for four years, which is located approximately 65 miles (105 kilometers) east of Indianapolis.

According to Turner, Lee has recently shown signs of remorse as per AP News.

According to Richmond police Chief Kyle Weatherly, he has discussed Lee’s death with Burton’s family. Mayor Ron Oler became emotional during a press conference, wiping tears from his eyes.

“Two years ago, something unfortunate occurred in our city,” Oler said. “We may not have achieved true justice, but we have found a sense of closure.” Perhaps not the desired result for the citizens, but at least there is a resolution.

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