Massive Tragedy Strikes: Young Woman Shot in Boston Right After Attending High School Graduation

Massive Tragedy Strikes Young Woman Shot in Boston Right After Attending High School Graduation

Authorities said that a young woman was hurt in a blatant daylight shooting in Boston on Thursday, just moments after she received her high school diploma.

According to Boston Police Commissioner Michael Cox, when officers arrived at the scene just before 11:45 a.m. in response to a complaint of a shooting in the vicinity of 200 Pier 4 Boulevard in the city’s Seaport neighborhood, they discovered an 18-year-old lady who had been shot.

The person was taken to a nearby hospital for emergency care; their name has not yet been made public.

Cox stated that the girl may have been involved in “some sort of altercation” before her shooting, noting that she had just attended her graduation ceremony at Boston Collaborative High School in South Boston.

The gunman was dressed in a gown and cap, according to the Boston Globe.

According to Cox, the woman was probably shot somewhere else before she was discovered at the Seaport, as there are currently two active crime scenes where detectives are working.

According to Cox, “it is unlikely that the incident took place here.” “That didn’t happen at the graduation. We wish to be quite clear about that.

“I heard cars screeching and I saw people running,” Roxbury neighbor Camilia Pagan recalled. She attended the graduation ceremony that was the purported cause of the shooting.

Massive Tragedy Strikes Young Woman Shot in Boston Right After Attending High School Graduation


“I sensed a fight was going to break out because they were fighting up front,” she remarked.


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When Sam Miller heard the disturbance, she was in a café in Boston on a visit from Chicago.

Everyone was shouting, Miller reported.

She said she noticed the victim when she turned to look outside.

They were brought out and placed on a stretcher, she added. “They were bleeding, there was blood, like, on their arm. I’m not sure where the gunshot was.”

Kevin Hayden, the district attorney for Suffolk, described the event as “a travesty” and “an unfortunate incident.”

Saying that this was a sad situation would be a vast understatement. This is absurd and shouldn’t have happened, according to Hayden. “High school students shouldn’t have to witness a shooting occur on a beautiful day like today when they are attending a graduation.”

Cox said there is no public threat even though no one has been arrested and police are still looking for a suspect.

Cox stated, “We think this is not a random incident and the public should not be concerned.” As always, we beg for the support of the people.

Joanna Bouras of Boston 25 was informed by a witness that she heard screaming and saw a woman being taken out of a car and placed on a stretcher.

The Boston Police Department’s number is 617-343-4470 for anyone with information. One way to provide anonymous tips is to text the word “TIP” to CRIME (27463) or call 1 (800) 494-TIPS.

“It is my recommendation that the young individual or individuals responsible for this incident come forward right away,” continued Hayden.

The shooting is still being looked into.

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