New Affordable Units for Entertainment Professionals Starting at $600 in Los Angeles

New Affordable Units for Entertainment Professionals Starting at $600 in Los Angeles

At a new low-income housing complex, artists can live just steps away from Hollywood Boulevard in units that start at $600 a month.

The brand-new Cicely Tyson residential building on Hollywood’s Schrader Boulevard has affordable units that are only for people who work in the film industry.

“You don’t get to meet a lot of artists walking around every day, and so being a part of that is so special to me, because you just, you feel their vibes, and then you get that inspiration as well,” Irene Lim, a new tenant.

The building is also known as the Hollywood Arts Collective. A studio apartment costs $600 a month, and a three-bedroom apartment costs $2,400 a month.

“We thought, ‘Why not make something for people in the entertainment business since they need affordable housing too?'” said Jordan Pynes, owner of the company that built the building.

The builder said that each unit cost about $625,000 over the seven years of the project.
“This was land that the city of Los Angeles owned.” It was a parking lot, so we chose to get rid of it and build affordable housing on top of it. “This is the real answer,” Pynes said. “This is a public-private partnership and the way affordable housing needs to be created in the city of Los Angeles.”

Glarya Kaufman, head of the USC Kaufman School of Dance, was one of the big donors at the opening. The building has 152 apartments, as well as a gym, a laundry room, and a piano in the lobby that was given by actress Joely Fisher.

“We need to help our creative economy and the people who keep it going,” City Council District 13 member Emma Howard said.

The Rita Moreno Arts Building is still being built next door to the Hollywood Arts Collective. It will have a theater and a nonprofit arts center. When it’s done in the fall of 2025, it will be open to both locals and the public.

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