Arizona Murder Suspect Arrested After Intense Shootout and Chase With San Bernardino Deputies in Desert

Arizona Murder Suspect Arrested After Intense Shootout and Chase With San Bernardino Deputies in Desert

An Arizona murder suspect opened fire on San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputies with a hail of bullets on a desert highway last Thursday night, starting a very tense standoff.

Brent Phillip Soster, 43, was identified as the suspect. He was finally restrained and arrested after a series of dangerous events that could have killed those on the chase.

The Mohave County, Arizona, Sheriff’s Department told officers where Soster was after he was seen in the Needles area, according to the report from the San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department.

By 9:26 p.m., officers had found Soster’s 2005 Dodge pickup on Highway 95. Soster ran away during the attempted traffic stop, which turned into a high-speed chase that finished on Highway 62 near Twentynine Palms.

Soster reportedly threw a smoke grenade from his car and started shooting at the officers while they were chasing him. A chopper from the Sheriff’s Aviation Division joined the fight, and Soster opened fire on it, starting what officials called a “lethal force encounter.”

Despite the possibly deadly fight, deputies were able to catch Soster without hurting any other police officers. After being taken to the hospital for cuts and scrapes, Soster was booked for attempted murder.

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Later, the Sheriff’s Specialized Investigations Division found a lot of dangerous things in Soster’s truck. These included guns, a tactical ballistic vest, a gas mask, smoke grenades, and a lot of ammo. The investigation into these events is being led by Deputy Joshua Young of the Specialized Investigations Division. He can be reached at (909) 890-4904. People who know something should come forward. They can do so secretly by calling 800-78CRIME or going to their website.

Soster is being held at the West Valley Detention Center while he faces charges that have made people in the area very angry. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department wants anyone who knows anything about the case to help them solve this dangerous puzzle that took place in the dark desert sky.

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