Massive Cocaine Bust at UPS Store in Monoma; Two Arrested with 1 Kg of Narcotics

Massive Cocaine Bust at UPS Store in Monoma; Two Arrested with 1 Kg of Narcotics

Two individuals were apprehended by Monona police earlier this month when a significant quantity of cocaine, close to a kilogram, was discovered in a package at a UPS store within the city.

A criminal complaint filed in Dane County details an incident at a UPS store on Monona Drive on May 23. Officers responded to a reported drug incident involving two individuals, a 56-year-old man named Johnnie Stewart and a 32-year-old woman named Tonisha Miller.

The store owner and manager reported coming across a package they found suspicious. The package had been tampered with and inside was a box secured with red tape.

According to the owner, Miller visited the store on May 9th and chose a UPS box from the shelf. He then placed a box with red tape inside. After sealing the UPS box, she proceeded to pay for its shipment to an address in Jacksonville, Fla. According to reports, she supposedly gave employees the name “Toni Miller.”

The owner stated that the package was initially sent out but was later returned to the store due to the receiving address being flagged by UPS as a “fraud intercept” address, as per the complaint.

During the return of the package to Monona, the owner received a call from Stewart inquiring about its whereabouts. Stewart reportedly ended the call abruptly when the owner requested him to confirm his identity. The owner was quite wary of the situation.

Miller received notification on May 13 regarding the package not being returned. On May 23, following a conversation with a UPS security team, a store manager decided to open the package to inspect its contents. They reportedly discovered a suspicious substance and promptly contacted the authorities.

Upon examination, authorities discovered a package containing a significant quantity of 855.8 grams of cocaine.

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Miller was identified by officers through the use of in-house records and information provided during a traffic stop on May 17. The complaint states that Miller was pulled over for exceeding the speed limit while operating a silver Chevrolet Impala that was registered to Stewart.

Officers were able to speak with Miller after executing a search warrant. According to reports, she initially provided false information to the officers regarding her presence at the UPS store, but later modified her account. According to reports, she claimed that Stewart had asked her to deliver the package on his behalf, and she didn’t suspect anything unusual. Upon learning about the contents of the package, she reportedly became angry with Stewart and broke down in tears.

According to online records, Miller is facing charges related to the possession of cocaine with intent to deliver and misdemeanor bail jumping. Stewart faces charges of cocaine possession with the intention to distribute, as an accomplice. According to Chaney, Stewart had a previous conviction for dealing cocaine and served a 14-year sentence in federal prison.

Stewart was granted release on a $5,000 cash bond after an initial appearance on Thursday. Miller’s initial court appearance is scheduled for July 11.

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