Man Riddled with 9 Bullets while Driving; Suspects on Large: Memphis Police

Man Riddled with 9 Bullets while Driving; Suspects on Large: Memphis Police

A guy was driving in Frayser when he was the target of many gunshots, according to the Memphis Police Department.

There was an attack that involved firearms being discharged at the intersection of Steele Street and Corning Avenue, according to the officers who rushed to the scene shortly after midnight.

They reported seeing a black Charger and a black Jeep parked at Family Dollar, according to the officers who were monitoring North Watkins Street.

They were then stopped by the victim, who indicated that he was going northbound on Steele Street when he saw a black Infinity driving erratically behind him. He immediately reported the incident to the authorities.

During the time that he was turning right onto Corning Avenue, the victim stated that he stopped in order to allow the car to go by him. It was at that moment that he claimed to have heard multiple gunshots.

According to the MPD, the victim initially believed the gunfire to be fireworks, and as a result, he continued driving. Then, he became aware that his tire was flat, and he proceeded to pull into the parking lot of the Family Dollar store.

According to the authorities, the vehicle that the victim was driving had a total of nine gunshot holes. On the other hand, the sufferer did not sustain any injuries.

After that, his vehicle was towed back to his residence.

You are encouraged to contact Memphis CrimeStoppers at the number 901-528-CASH if you have any information regarding this event.

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