Wisconsin House Explosion Kills Two, Sparks Gunfire From Stored Ammunition

Wisconsin House Explosion Kills Two, Sparks Gunfire From Stored Ammunition

In southern Wisconsin, two people died when a house exploded and caught fire. Police think the gunfire heard by neighbors was caused by fires that set off ammunition kept inside the house.

Police in Middleton say they found two bodies after the house exploded around 11 p.m. Tuesday just outside of town. One body was found in the ruins of the house on Tuesday, and the other was found Wednesday afternoon.

There were no other people at the house, but Harris said that a dog that lived through the explosion was found living and was checked out at an emergency veterinary clinic. It was found to be in good health.

Harris said that the names of the two people would be made public by the Dane County Medical Examiner’s Office after tests.

Local news outlets shared pictures of the burned-out house in flames after the explosion, which also threw a window and other things into the air nearby.

“The house was down right after the explosion, and there was a big field of debris,” Harris said. When the bomb went off, there was a huge fire.

Harris and Elise Schaffer, a spokeswoman for the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, said that the cause of the blast is still being looked into.

Harris said the house that blew up is in the middle of nowhere, about 4 miles (6.4 km) north of Middleton’s city area. The distance between Madison and that place is about 6 miles (10 km).

In a news release, the sheriff’s office said that the fire “may have set off ammunition inside the home.” This is why some people in the area heard gunshots.

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