Massive Heartbreaking News: 8-Year-Old Killed, Suspect Shot by Police in Queens

Massive Heartbreaking News 8-Year-Old Killed, Suspect Shot by Police in Queens

(New York) —

According to the New York City Police Department, an 8-year-old kid was fatally stabbed in Queens on Thursday, and an officer shot and killed the man.

The circumstances were still unclear, but police indicated that the stabbing was likely sparked by a domestic disagreement. The perpetrator, a 20-year-old man, and the victim, a male 8-year-old, may be related, according to the police. No one’s identity was divulged without delay.

The occurrence took place within an apartment complex situated on 94th Avenue within the Jamaica district of the municipality. The 29-year-old victim fled the building and hurried down the street to the MTA Police Station, where she was rescued, according to the police, at about 5:20 p.m. Simultaneously, the security desk of the building dialed 911.

Image – ABC 7 New York

Three minutes after receiving the call, officers arrived and, after interviewing a witness, proceeded to a fifth-floor flat, according to the police.

According to the police, the suspect was holding his father, who was 43 years old, at knifepoint when the authorities arrived at the flat.


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“What they were confronted with was our perpetrator holding his father in a headlock with a knife to his throat,” stated John Chell, chief of patrol for the New York State Police.

After the suspect allegedly ignored many orders to put down the knife, an officer shot and wounded him, according to the police. Police responded swiftly, administering first aid before transporting the deceased suspect to a nearby hospital, where he passed away.

The authorities have stated that an 8-month-old infant was present in the flat throughout the incident; however, the baby did not sustain any injuries.

This is a gentle reminder of the challenges and fast judgments that police officers in New York City face every day. Two lives were spared tonight because of those actions,” Chell remarked.

Body cam footage from police officers caught the incident.

Both the woman, 29, and the guy, 43, were transported to local hospitals to receive medical attention for their injuries, according to the police. We anticipate that both will make it.

The inquiry has not concluded yet.

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