Queens Tragedy Happened Suddenly! DJ Fatally Shot During Fourth of July House Party Fight

Queens Tragedy Happened Suddenly! DJ Fatally Shot During Fourth of July House Party Fight

According to authorities, a gunshot killed a 37-year-old DJ from Queens who was anticipating a “big night” at a Fourth of July celebration.

Tragically, Travanti Rankine was shot in the chest during a house invasion in St. Albans, near 119th Road and Montauk Street, at approximately 5 a.m., shattering his already heartbroken family to their very core.

“I am lacking strength. What Rankine’s wife Sasha-Marie told the Daily News on Thursday morning was absolutely unbelievable. My heart is breaking.

Even though it had been hours after the death of the father of two, Sasha-Marie still couldn’t comprehend what had transpired.

I thought he was still around. Declaring, “It was not his time,” she broke down in tears. I could care less whether anyone says anything. It was senseless for him to perish. Nothing warranted that.

Queens Tragedy Happened Suddenly! DJ Fatally Shot During Fourth of July House Party Fight

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According to the police, Rankine was shot in the right side while standing outside the celebration with other celebrants after an argument broke out between two visitors.

At this time, the police do not know if Rankine participated in the altercation or was merely a spectator.


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Long Island’s Carle Place High School employed Rankine as an electrician, but his true calling was in the music industry. Being a “Sing J” was fun for the Jamaican native; he would rap and rhyme to reggae music from his own country.

“It started off as a hobby but quickly turned into his passion,” Sasha-Marie explained. He established himself as an artist in the area. Anywhere: parties, backyard barbecues, stage shows—he would play. Various topics would be the focus of his songs. Concerning cherishing his family and honoring his commitment to them.

Members of Rankine’s family think she attended the party solo. He handed over his two sons, aged 11 and 2, at his mother’s house so she could watch them just hours before he was shot, around 12 a.m.

For whatever reason, I told him, “Not tonight, not tonight,” when he called. Cassandra Rankine, 57, told The News, “I don’t know why I said it.” “He mentioned, ‘But it’s a big night!'” At that gathering, I can’t say for sure, but he did perform occasionally.

Until she heard that her husband had been shot, Sasha-Marie had no idea he was at the party, she confessed.


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At the celebration, I saw my pal. She remembered calling me to tell me he was shot, but she hadn’t seen it happen. Until it was over, she had no idea. As the last guests left the party, she made her way to her car. Suddenly, she noticed others gathered around the scene, and she turned around to see him.

Sasha-Marie had recently completed a late-night shift as a telemetry technician at Jamaica Hospital, and medics hurried the victim there.

“I rushed back and waited outside the emergency room,” she remembered. He was hurriedly brought in by the ambulance crew as they were performing chest compressions. However, he remained silent.

There has been no success in apprehending the assailant. Police officers were actively searching the neighborhood on Thursday for any security footage that would lead them to the shooter.

While continuing their investigation, NYPD detectives had most of Montauk St. on Thursday morning. There were evidence markers and multiple red Solo cups lying about on the street.

In the morning, Sasha-Marie filled their children in on what had transpired.

She said that it was a processing issue, but that the elder boy was aware of it. Because it’s unbelievable, all he can do is think about it. That little lad just doesn’t get it.

In her grief, the widow has certain ideas about the killer and how she wants them punished.

She sternly stated, her eyes conjuring up tears, that they were unworthy of being exposed to daylight. “They are unworthy of life. [Rankine] isn’t someone you’d want to murder. So, what’s the big deal with wanting to do that?

Her final words before sobbing were, “He’s evil” about the gunman. He tore my family to shreds. My children only knew [Rankine] and me. It was our only resource. How am I going to proceed?”

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