CPD Reports Progress on Gun Violence Initiative Amid Quadruple Shooting Incident

CPD Reports Progress on Gun Violence Initiative Amid Quadruple Shooting Incident

Two days have passed after four people were shot in Corryville, close to the University of Cincinnati campus. There are three deceased victims.

The biweekly meeting of police, city officials, and community activists to discuss ending gun violence took place on Wednesday.

“I believe there’s a great deal of work to be done, and I think it begins with the youth,” Maggie Heil of the Over the Rhine, Wesley Chapel Mission Center stated.

WCPO 9 was given an inside look at Wesley Chapel’s summer kids program on Wednesday. While we were there, several teens were playing basketball outside, and children were eating lunch inside.

CPD Reports Progress on Gun Violence Initiative Amid Quadruple Shooting Incident

“We can all get together, have fun, get an education,” Heil stated.

A new sign on McMicken Avenue that says, “Stop the violence…I am inspired to live,” is posted outside their building. I have goals and aspirations.”


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“The kids came up with a good message behind what we’re trying to do,” Heil stated. “Especially in this area there is a lot of criminal activity and unfortunately violence.”

In Corryville, some crime tape remains visible on Wednesday following the fatal shooting that occurred on Monday near Highland and University avenues.

City officials emphasized at the PIVOT meeting that while the fight against gun violence is not yet complete, they are making headway.

We had 185 shooting victims at this time last year, the CPD said WCPO 9. There are 174 this year. Nineteen of the victims this year are younger than eighteen. That figure was 39 the previous year.

Cincinnati City Councilmember Anna Albi remarked, “It’s remarkable that we’ve been able to see that progress where we are reducing the amount of gun violence involving kids by 50% over last year.”

Assistant City Manager Virginia Tallent discussed the next steps in the fight against gun violence during the meeting on Wednesday. According to Tallent, the city’s case regarding firearms regulations with the state of Ohio is nearing its end.

“The city is going to escalate, enhance, our lobbying efforts at the state general assembly, and also the U.S. Congress,” said Tallent. “We will create a plan during those lobbying efforts because, quite simply, the state and federal governments have abandoned us as a municipal government about those concerns. We are in dire need of assistance.”

Attending the meeting was community activist Randall Daniels, who had inquiries concerning safe and reasonably priced housing for low-income families.

“I think that contributes to the gun violence just if you feel like you’re not wanted or invisible or disrespected,” said Daniels. “I just want to make sure they’re in mind as we’re doing the redevelopment and so they’re not just displaced and looking for shelter.”

Albi concurred that there are multiple factors influencing gun violence.

“We got to engage with the youth and we’ve got to figure out a way to make it a collaborative effort to stop the gun violence,” Heil stated.

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