Escaped ‘Armed and Dangerous’ Inmate Caught by Texas Authorities After 12-Hour Search

Escaped 'Armed and Dangerous' Inmate Caught by Texas Authorities After 12-Hour Search

Authorities in Houston, Texas, have successfully apprehended a convict who fled during transit from a court hearing on Thursday, after an hours-long manhunt. The incident occurred early on Friday morning.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office reports that Joshua Nigel Thomas Sanders, 35, was taken into custody at approximately 3 a.m. on Friday, almost 12 hours after he escaped during his transport back to the jail at approximately 3:30 p.m. on Thursday.

Sanders was found in a house in Houston that was thought to be owned by a relative, according to investigators, and when he refused to submit to arrest, responding officers tased him. According to Harris County Maj. Saul Suarez, two more people were detained for obstructing an arrest while he was being taken into jail.

Sanders was being held for three burglaries and one case of a felon unlawfully possessing a handgun, said Harris County Chief Phillip Bosquez at a prior press conference.

“It appears that on his way back from court he was able to facilitate an escape,” Bosquez stated.

Escaped 'Armed and Dangerous' Inmate Caught by Texas Authorities After 12-Hour Search

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Sanders allegedly approached a woman during his escape and dove into her car, only for her to wreck it a short distance away.

The last time the suspect was seen, according to police, he was walking away from the scene after the accident damaged the vehicle.

Suarez stated on Friday morning that although Sanders’ escape is still being looked into, he is now being charged with two more counts of aggravated robbery and escape.


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According to Suarez, the suspect is also receiving medical attention and will be returned to the Harris County Jail after a physician has cleared him.

Following the search, the University of Houston Downtown declared a lockdown but subsequently announced an all-clear.

“SECURE: UHD ALERT! The X notice said, “Downtown OUTSIDE Police Action.” “Go inside right now. Secure external doors. Steer clear of Windows. PD reacting.

Bosquez stated that Sanders was reportedly carrying a knife when he made his getaway, but he was unable to verify any other information.

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