$165 Million Worth Homeless Shelter Unveiled in Downtown Los Angeles; Taxpayers Worried about State Priorities

$165 Million Worth Homeless Shelter Unveiled in Downtown Los Angeles; Taxpayers Worried about State Priorities

An upscale, recently constructed homeless shelter, funded by taxpayers, is preparing to open in Los Angeles. The shelter boasts apartments with stunning views of the city skyline, as well as amenities such as a gym and cafe.

Its modern design and trendy features give it a distinctive hipster vibe, setting it apart from traditional public housing.

A 19-story tower, consisting of 228 studios and 50 one-bedroom apartments, has been constructed in the heart of the city’s Skid Row. The cost of building each unit was approximately $600,000. This tower is part of a larger three-building project aimed at providing shelter and support for homeless adults, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

The $165 million complex offers a wide range of amenities, such as a fully-equipped gym with treadmills, rowers, bikes, and a cable machine. It also features a communal patio area for residents to gather, an art room, a soundproof music room, a computer room, a library, and a cafe.

Those fortunate enough to secure a room in the tower will find it easier to improve their situation.

The tower offers furnished rooms that are modern and clean, equipped with a single bed, a microwave, oven, fridge, and television as per The Post.

Weingart proudly showcases the South Crocker Street building, known as Tower 1, as a prime example of high-quality apartment living in downtown Los Angeles on its website.

The project is being funded by financing from Proposition HHH, a supportive-housing program approved by city voters in 2016, as reported by the Los Angeles Housing Department.

According to the Times, it is also supported by state housing funds and $56 million in state tax credits.

The nonprofit stated that residents of Weingart Tower 1 will have access to Weingart Center’s comprehensive support services. “These services are designed to assist in maintaining housing stability and addressing the health and wellness needs of residents.”

Weingart added that approximately 40 units have been set aside for qualifying veterans as per The Post.

The tower, designed to provide a self-contained environment for its residents, is the first of three high-rises planned for the area surrounding the nonprofit’s headquarters, according to the LA Times.

According to the outlet, the second tower, which is still under construction, will feature a total of 302 rooms. Plans for the third tower, which will consist of 104 units, are still in progress.

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