Alleged Assault by Banker at Brooklyn Pride Festival Leaves Woman Injured

Alleged Assault by Banker at Brooklyn Pride Festival Leaves Woman Injured

An incident occurred where a wealthy investment banker reportedly struck a woman, causing her to fall onto a Brooklyn street on Saturday night.

A shocking video captures a man forcefully throwing a punch at a woman’s face, while a crowd of partygoers at Brooklyn Pride in Park Slope watches in disbelief.

A woman clutched her injured face and collapsed onto the ground, only a few feet away from another person who appeared to be injured on the pavement.

Online users quickly identified the person in the video, which has gained almost 5 million views, as Jonathan Kaye, a managing director who heads the business services franchise Moelis & Co.

The company declined to provide confirmation regarding the identity of the employee or any potential disciplinary measures being taken.

The video does not capture the events leading up to the violent altercation, but it does show the assailant walking away in a disoriented manner, wearing a jacket with liquid stains down the back, after the reported incident as per The Post.

“She f–king threw s–t all over me,” the man believed to be Kaye can be heard saying as onlookers express their anger towards the attacker, calling them derogatory names and condemning their actions.

According to the text written over the clip, the individual allegedly broke the woman’s nose and caused injury to another person’s arm.

Kaye has been in charge of the Global Business Services franchise at Moelis & Co. since 2013, as stated by the company. He has prior experience at Citi Bank, where he held the position of managing director in the Global Mergers & Acquisitions Group.

An assault took place amidst the large gathering in Park Slope on Saturday during the 28th annual Brooklyn Pride Multicultural Festival. The festival, which included a 5K run and a parade along Fifth Avenue, attracted thousands of attendees throughout the day.

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