Two Suspects Taken into Custody Over Death of 12-Year-Old Girl Missing from 7-Eleven

Two Suspects Taken into Custody Over Death of 12-Year-Old Girl Missing from 7-Eleven

According to Houston authorities, two males were taken into custody on Thursday about the death of a 12-year-old girl from Texas, whose body was discovered in a creek on Monday.

At a press conference, officials revealed that 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray had sneaked out of her house on Sunday night and was last seen on camera entering a 7-Eleven shortly after midnight. She can be seen speaking with two males in the footage.

Authorities in Houston have detained roommates Johan Jose Rangel Martinez, 21, and Franklin Jose Pena Ramos, 26, on a preliminary accusation of capital murder in this case. As of Thursday afternoon, the two were not yet listed as charged with anything.

Alexis Nungaray told Houston TV station KPRC that she last saw her daughter on Sunday night about 10 p.m., but that she was missing by early Monday morning.

Two Suspects Taken into Custody Over Death of 12-Year-Old Girl Missing from 7-Eleven

According to KTRK-TV in Houston, Jocelyn’s 13-year-old boyfriend was allegedly chatting to her on the phone while she was at the store and could hear her talking to two adults.

Reporters were informed on Thursday by Lt. Stephen Hope of the Houston Police Department that the victim’s boyfriend and his family had cooperated with the authorities in the inquiry in a “very” good way.


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Hope claimed that the two males could be seen conversing with Jocelyn for a few minutes on camera outside the 7-Eleven before entering the establishment together. A little while later, Hope claimed, they headed toward the bridge that was close to the scene of Jocelyn’s death.

“There are some strange individuals around here, so I always warned her to stay inside the house, never go outside alone, and to be safe. Alexis Nungaray said KPRC, “I don’t think she ever thought it would face her.”

According to Hope, the two men left the girl at the bridge and went south, toward Martinez and Ramos’ shared residence.

The following morning, Alexis Nungaray said KPRC, she followed her daughter’s phone down to the stream and observed police scouting the area. An hour later, she received official word that her daughter had passed away.

According to KPRC, the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences concluded that Jocelyn was strangled to death.

Officers who investigated Ramos and Martinez’s apartment on Thursday allegedly discovered evidence related to Jocelyn’s death. As a result, the couple was placed under arrest.

Her mother admitted to KPRC that she is still having difficulty accepting her daughter’s passing.

It appears to be unreal. I’m hearing everything and everyone is telling me everything, but I’m not taking it all in,” the woman remarked.

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