New California Law Requires High Schools to Teach About Fentanyl Dangers

New California Law Requires High Schools to Teach About Fentanyl Dangers

Arianna Alvarado’s 18-year-old childhood friend passed away from a fentanyl overdose when she was 12 years old.

“At the moment, I was rather perplexed. “I had no idea what fentanyl was,” declared Arianna.

The incident had a profound effect on her. She was also inspired by it. Her friends are being warned about the perils of fentanyl by the 17-year-old senior at Lincoln High School.

You never know what might contain fentanyl. She remarked, “You never know when someone might need to have their life saved.”

This month, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new law requiring California charter, public, and private schools that already offer health classes to teach their high school pupils about the dangers of fentanyl. The classes are scheduled to begin in 2026 and will be required to graduate.

New California Law Requires High Schools to Teach About Fentanyl Dangers

The bill was written by San Diego Assemblyman David Alvarez. He stated that the intention is to debunk falsehoods and promote pupils’ ability to make well-informed decisions.


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Alvarez stated, “We don’t want social media or other disinformation-filled sites to take over as the young people’s primary information source.

Talking about drugs can be difficult, as Alvarez noted as the father of a middle school student.

For families to feel at ease and certain that their kids are getting the information they need to make better decisions, he said, “Hopefully this starts to open that door.”

The new regulation, according to Jim Crittenden of the San Diego County Office of Education, is a “tremendous” first step in preventing substance addiction in schools.

It’s probably past due. And we must educate the older high school students about fentanyl. However, he stated, “The real prevention efforts need to start a little bit younger.”

Arianna feels that her friend could have been spared a life if more children had been taught about fentanyl at an earlier age.

As if she will stay here forever. Although it was regrettably too late, she had managed to complete her college education. Furthermore, fentanyl kills instantly, according to her.

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