Tennessee Mother Killed Her Newborn Twins; Murder Conviction Upheld after New Trial Grant in Tennessee

Tennessee Mother Killed Her Newborn Twins; Murder Conviction Upheld after New Trial Grant in Tennessee

A judge has upheld the murder conviction of Lindsey Lowe, a Sumner County woman who tragically ended the lives of her newborn twins through suffocation in 2011.

In October 2022, a Sumner County Judge approved a new trial for Lowe following her attorney’s argument that she received inadequate legal representation during her initial trial and that at least one juror displayed bias against her.

A mother from Sumner County is currently battling to avoid imprisonment after suffocating her newborn twins.

Lindsey Lowe was released in 2022 following a judge’s decision to grant her a new trial due to concerns of a biased juror and inadequate legal representation. An appeals court has determined that the previous ruling was incorrect.

In 2013, Lindsey Lowe was convicted by a Sumner County jury for the tragic incident involving her twin boys, which occurred shortly after their birth in the bathroom.

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Woman’s double murder conviction for killing newborn twins reinstated by court
Lowe’s mother discovered one of the twins concealed within a laundry basket. Lowe’s father testified during her trial.

According to Mark Lowe, Lindsey’s father, there is a newborn child in Lindsey’s room.

“I was simply attempting to maintain their silence.”

The audio provided is from Lindsey’s confession in 2011 at the Hendersonville Police Department.

During her trial in 2013, her defense argued that Lindsey had convinced herself that she was not pregnant and kept it a secret.

“I had no idea Lindsay was pregnant,” Mark Lowe admitted.

After spending nearly ten years behind bars, Lowe was given the opportunity for a fresh trial in 2022 and subsequently set free. This turn of events came about when her legal team argued that one of the jurors held a bias against her.

Recently, the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals concluded that there was insufficient evidence to support the claim of bias, leading to the decision that Lowe should not have been granted post-conviction relief as per WKRN News.

She was instructed by the court to turn herself into Sumner County authorities, but she was granted release on a $75,000 bond while she pursued an appeal to the state Supreme Court. Prosecutors argue that she is not entitled to freedom.

The state has requested the revocation of Lowe’s bond following her release from jail on Friday.

In a recent filing, Lowe’s attorney expressed that the state’s motion was submitted late and they missed multiple chances to contest her bond in the past week.

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