Scam! A New Scandal Has Wells Fargo Freezing Bank Accounts

Scam! A New Scandal Has Wells Fargo Freezing Bank Accounts

According to recent accusations from a client, Wells Fargo is now blocking bank accounts. This has sparked a lawsuit.

A customer’s bank account was closed and his cash was taken by Wells Fargo due to a valid $207,765 deposit.

To deposit a sizable cheque he got following the passing of his adopted mother, Ethan Parker claims he created a new account at the bank towards the end of last year.

However, Parker claims that Wells Fargo closed the account, stole the money, and charged him with faking the cheque 15 days after the transaction, according to DH.

Parker then sought a letter from the company that had issued the check, according to the complaint, to verify its authenticity.

However, the bank remained unmoved and kept refusing to give Parker the money without providing an “adequate explanation.”

Scam! A New Scandal Has Wells Fargo Freezing Bank Accounts

Parker has suffered damages in an “amount to be proved at trial,” according to the lawsuit, which requests that the courts order Wells Fargo to refund the money.

A Wells Fargo representative told Triangle Business Journal that the bank intends to defend its conduct.

“We firmly reject the claims made in Mr. Parker’s lawsuit, and we will stand by our position because we think Wells Fargo acted appropriately.”


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Parker claims he can no longer afford his rent, and his attorneys claim they are searching for more customers whose bank accounts were “improperly closed” due to fraud allegations.

But other banks also freeze their customers’ accounts, not only Wells Fargo.

Several reports claim that customers of US Treasury Direct (TreasuryDirect) have been unable to access their accounts for weeks or even months at a time.

A US bank that had frozen many accounts and held money, hostage, is now preventing its clients from paying their payments.

Since August 5th, I’ve been attempting to obtain a replacement card and have been met with resistance. September has come and gone with no card.

They keep telling me different deadlines for when the card should arrive, and each since, another direct transfer has been made. I am unable to purchase my medication or pay my expenses,” Eloise Hall told FrankNez on Friday.

Users of Green Dot Bank have claimed several instances of fraud in which the bank is preventing clients from accessing their funds.

Many of the bank’s clients, including pensioners, have been left without money for weeks or months at a time. The business is currently being sued for alleged fraud.

This happened to my friend at COVID-19. Green Dot would only state that they were refusing to return his money, which amounted to more than $3,000.

Having worked at a bank for over 20 years, I was aware that what they were doing was against the law. We originally requested the restoration of his monies through certified letters, but we never received a response.

After we finally contacted the Attorney General and FDIC, Green Dot contacted my friend, explaining that everything was a misunderstanding and a computer glitch, and offering to overnight him a check for his balance. They also informed him that he would never be able to open another Green Dot account as a result of contacting the AG and FDIC, not that he would want one.

He lost his home to live in the interim since he was unable to pay the rent or other bills while they held his money hostage, but we persisted and finally received his money after the entire procedure took around five months.

According to Michele Weigand, who spoke to FrankNez, “I think they do that hoping people give up trying and they have their money on deposit.”

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