Not Well Everything Bad! Dentist Suspended for Substandard Care and Unlicensed Practices

Not Well Everything Bad! Dentist Suspended for Substandard Care and Unlicensed Practices

The Washington State Department of Health said on Friday that dentist Ellis B. Jardine of Clark County has been suspended for allegedly providing poor treatment and working beyond the limits of his licensure.

According to the DOH, the Dental Quality Assurance Commission revoked the licenses for Jardine’s dentist and mild sedation using parenteral drugs.

A DOH review found that Jardine neglected to present alternate treatment choices or correctly and sufficiently evaluate the patient’s risk factors.

Between October 2017 and June 2023, Jardine is accused of treating five distinct patients, failing to provide necessary treatment on many occasions, and giving prescription drugs outside of his area of expertise.

According to the DOH, in one instance, Jardine gave ketamine to a patient in October 2018 who was looking for dental implants. In addition to being used for anesthesia, the dissociative anesthetic is also used to treat depression and control pain. The DOH states that dentists are not permitted to administer it.

According to the DOH, when the patient’s dental implants fell out, Jardine had to undergo four grueling surgeries to restore them. She even used temporary denture cement and glue on the implant without properly documenting the new implants.


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The DOH adds that by August 2021, all of the patient’s implants had been taken out by different healthcare professionals.

Jardine is not permitted to operate in Washington until the accusations are settled, according to the DOH. He has 20 days to reply to the accusations and make a hearing request.

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