Russian Forces Rescue Staff Held Captive at Detention Center

Russian Forces Rescue Staff Held Captive at Detention Center

Sunday saw the invasion of a detention facility in southern Russia by security personnel, executing prisoners who were allegedly connected to Islamist terror groups and had kidnapped two employees, according to state-run news agency RT.

Social media images showed many ambulances arriving at the prison, and journalists on the site reported hearing gunshots.

According to a statement released by Russia’s Federal Penitentiary Service, the hostages at the Rostov-on-Don pretrial detention facility were unharmed.

It stated that the people who had taken hostages had been “liquidated,” but it made no other remarks.

Six hostage takers were reportedly armed with a fire ax, a rubber baton, and a penknife in the central courtyard of the Detention Center No. 1 in the Rostov region, according to state news agency Tass, which had earlier reported this information using anonymous law enforcement sources.

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It added the men who are incarcerated are suspected of having ties to the Islamic State group.

At least two of the hostage-takers looked to be wearing headbands that resembled the Islamic State’s flag in photos that were shared on social media. Other pictures had inmates brandishing blades.

According to RT, three of the hostage-takers had already received sentences for their involvement in terrorist activities, such as spreading false information and preparing to blow up a Russian courthouse.

In recent years, IS has attacked Russian territory several times. The most recent attack occurred in March when gunmen opened fire on a gathering at a music hall in a Moscow suburb, killing 145 people. An affiliate of IS claimed responsibility for the attack.


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