Police: Florida Teen Kills Parents, Injures Deputy in Violent Shootout

Police Florida Teen Kills Parents, Injures Deputy in Violent Shootout

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office reports that a boy from Florida lost his life in a gunfight on Saturday night after killing both of his parents and wounding a deputy.

On Saturday, June 15, just after 11 p.m., deputies were called to a Tampa residence in response to gunshot reports.

The caller, later identified as 48-year-old Rebecca Ann Themelis, told deputies that her 51-year-old husband, Christos Byron Themelis, had been shot. Talking with the dispatch center over the phone, deputies reported that multiple further bullets were fired.

Upon their arrival, deputies saw Christos Alexander Themelis Jr., a 19-year-old suspect, and Rebecca Themelis outside the residence.

The suspect allegedly shot his mother in the back of the head before starting to fire at law enforcement, injuring one deputy in the leg, according to officials.

Police Florida Teen Kills Parents, Injures Deputy in Violent Shootout

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“The monster we encountered this evening is responsible for not only injuring our deputy but also killing his mother and father,” stated Sheriff Chad Chronister. “Our deputies braved danger at once to safeguard our community after responding to a tumultuous scene. There would have been danger throughout the entire neighborhood if not for our deputy’s prompt and deft response.”

According to officials, the teenager locked himself inside the house and eventually passed away from his wounds.


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According to Chronister, the wounded deputy’s health is stable.

Chronister said on X, “Please keep him and all of the deputies involved with the shooting overnight in your thoughts and prayers.”

The gunshot death is still being looked into.

Chronister claims that ten times before the fatal shooting, deputies were summoned to the residence, most of the complaints were to mental health services and abuse against his parents.

Chronister said that the 19-year-old was also the subject of an active risk protection order, which is what prompted deputies to take his firearms away. Since he was declared “mentally unfit,” investigators are trying to figure out how he got the pistol that was used to kill his parents.

“We’re not sure exactly why he turned violent, and we might not find out in the future. However, we are aware that hurting another person—regardless of the motivation—is never acceptable. In a word, Chronister stated.

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