NYC ‘Bully Gang’ Leaders Convicted of Murder, Racketeering, and Other Crimes

NYC 'Bully Gang' Leaders Convicted of Murder, Racketeering, and Other Crimes

The FBI arrested the leaders of the “Bully Gang,” a group of Brooklyn thugs known for killing people at one of their own people’s gender reveal parties, on charges of murder, racketeering, and drug trafficking.

Following a 13-week trial based on a years-long investigation into their criminal activities, which ranged from murder to the distribution of dangerous drugs throughout the East Coast and into Rikers Island, Derrick “Dee” Ayers, 37; Moeleek “Moe Money” Harrell, 34; Franklin “Spazz” Gillespie, 33; and Anthony “Biggie” Kennedy, 38, were charged on Tuesday.

“Their criminal enterprise is a shell of the violent crew that wreaked havoc with murder, broad daylight shootings, robberies, arsons, drug trafficking, and bribery on Bedford Stuyvesant, other parts of New York City, and the Eastern Seaboard,” stated Breon Peace, US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

Before his arrest, Harrell was a founding member of the gang and its commander, while Ayers and Kennedy were long-standing, prominent members. Prosecutors said Gillespie was one of their enforcers who would use force to acquire what they wanted.

In 2018, at a gender reveal party for Harrell’s child, Ayers was found guilty of killing Jonathan Jackson, a member of the rival gang known as the “Stukes Crew.” He and Harrell were both found guilty of plotting to murder members of opposing gangs.

NYC 'Bully Gang' Leaders Convicted of Murder, Racketeering, and Other Crimes

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To keep Mike Hawley from telling the police about a murder that occurred in April 2020, Gillespie was found guilty of plotting to kill him. Four days after Hawley spoke with officials, he was slain.

Prosecutors claimed that the group of violent gangbangers also trafficked in heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl throughout Maine and all of New York and New Jersey.

They expertly built covert compartments in their cars to transport the drugs.


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Three members of the gang: Anthony Kennedy, 38, a veteran, and Franklin “Spazz” Gillespie, 33, a tough enforcer.

One of their ploys was to smuggle synthetic marijuana components into comic books and other paper products, which would subsequently be brought into Rikers Island.

Once inside the prison, affiliated prisoners would sell the drugs to other prisoners.

Prosecutors claim that even though Harrell and Kennedy were detained inside Rikers, they continued to operate out of the facility.

Since 2020, 49 members of the Bully Gang have been found guilty of severe crimes; these four are the most recent.

“These convictions ended this gang’s reign of terror and dispelled the myth that criminals can commit horrible crimes and go unpunished,” stated Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Special Agent-in-Charge Miller.

Each has a maximum punishment of life in prison and a minimum sentence of 15 to 55 years.

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