New Jersey Hotel Shootout: Two Officers, Including NYPD, Injured; Suspect Killed

New Jersey Hotel Shootout Two Officers, Including NYPD, Injured; Suspect Killed

Following a gunfight with a suspect who was eventually killed, two law enforcement officers—among them an officer of the New York City Police Department (NYPD)—were shot at a motel in Woodbridge, New Jersey, on Wednesday night.

The NYPD, the police departments of Woodbridge and Edison, as well as other law enforcement agencies, were called to the scene of an incident at the Raritan Hotel on King Georges Post Road, according to FOX 5 in New York.

When a suspect and officers exchanged shots at the hotel, the officers started looking into the event.

New Jersey Hotel Shootout Two Officers, Including NYPD, Injured; Suspect Killed

Image: Fox News

One of the local officers was also injured during the exchange, though it’s unclear where, and an NYPD officer was also shot in the foot.


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Authorities stated that it is anticipated that both officers would heal from their wounds.

The suspect was eventually shot by police, who murdered him there.

It’s still unknown what led up to the shooting.

“The NYPD detective who was shot and injured in Woodbridge, NJ underscores the courage and commitment by members of the Detectives’ Endowment Association to put themselves in extreme danger to ensure violent, career criminals face justice,” the president of the DEA, Paul DiGiacomo, “This wanted attempted murder suspect could have struck again in any of our communities if not for their tireless work in finding him.

We appreciate that there won’t be a funeral to arrange and honor the courageous investigators and Woodbridge police officers.”

The event is being looked into by the Attorney General’s Office in New Jersey.

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