Mom of Boys Killed in Drunken Crash by LA Socialite Slams Sentence: ‘Felt Like a Stab in My Heart’

Mom of Boys Killed in Drunken Crash by LA Socialite Slams Sentence ‘Felt Like a Stab in My Heart’

A devastated mother expressed her shock at the Los Angeles socialite’s “incredibly unfair” sentence of 15 years to life for running over and killing her two young boys.

After a six-week trial, Rebecca Grossman, 60, was found guilty of two counts of second-degree murder after a hit-and-run. Nancy Iskander observed the proceedings as Rebecca received her fate.

The Los Angeles Times reports that after Grossman was sentenced by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Joseph Brandolino, the mother declared in court that Grossman “is a coward” and called for a punishment that took into account the deaths of both of her children.

Iskander has now expressed her outrage at what she believes to be an overly lenient sentence, claiming that the judge “lumped” the murders of the two sons together as though they were a single incident.

Iskander told ABC7, “The 15 to life was a stab in my heart.”

Mom of Boys Killed in Drunken Crash by LA Socialite Slams Sentence ‘Felt Like a Stab in My Heart’

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He did it in two ways: first, by treating the two lads as though they were one. Furthermore, they weren’t They are not the same. “They possess two distinct personalities,” she continued.

On September 29, 2020, Grossman and her ex-baseball player boyfriend Scott Erickson were allegedly playing a “high-speed game of chicken” as they sped down the street in Westlake Village, California, following their consumption of cocktails at a nearby bar and the taking of valium.


Car Crash outside Federal Court in Nevada; Judge Struck by Car and Died

Her blood alcohol content was between.075 and.076 percent, which is 004 percent below the legal limit, even though she was still inebriated.

Grossman’s sports car struck Mark and Jacob Iskander, who were eight and eleven years old, respectively, while they were crossing the street with their family. The car was traveling at 81 mph in a 45 mph zone.

Nancy watched her children “die before [her] eyes,” she told the court earlier this year, as she was on rollerblades slightly ahead of Mark and Jacob, along with her five-year-old youngest son Zachary, who was riding his scooter.

After the collision, Grossman did not call 911 or stop at the scene.

“If Grossman had been slightly less inebriated or perhaps paid more attention, she might have been able to avoid one of them,” the upset mother remarked.

She said, “Jacob only needed one more step, precisely one more step, to survive and not get hit by her car.”

When Iskander spoke up in court on Monday, Grossman made an effort to make amends, which made the mother run for the door.

“I’ve been meaning to apologize to you for the past four years. I wanted to express to you how much I hurt you. I apologize for not getting in touch with you. As Iskander started to get up from her seat, Grossman stated in court, “Prosecutors warned me not to.”

Grossman pleaded with the mother to stay, and she granted her a chance. Iskander did, however, claim to have seen a subtle lack of sincerity in Grossman’s apologies.

“I knew right away when she began speaking because it was what I expected. It wasn’t true. It wasn’t “I apologize for killing them.” “I apologize for your loss,” she clarified.

Afterward, Grossman asserted that Erickson, her lover, was the one who really collided with the lads. Prosecutors stated that there was “no evidence to prove this to be true.”

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