FBI Accuses: 9 Floridians of Participating in a Nationwide Healthcare Fraud Scheme

FBI Accuses 9 Floridians of Participating in a Nationwide Healthcare Fraud Scheme

The Department of Justice has announced that ten individuals, nine of whom are Floridians, are being prosecuted on criminal charges related to a nationwide healthcare fraud conspiracy.

A two-week-long federal investigation led to the filing of criminal charges in the Middle District of Florida against 193 individuals. The indictment alleges that the defendants were involved in healthcare fraud and opioid abuse schemes, which led to the submission of more than $2.75 billion in fraudulent bills.

The accused allegedly stole more than $231 million worth of assets, including cash, luxury cars, gold, and other valuables, from healthcare programs that were supposed to take care of the crippled and aged.

Those who have been taken into custody and are facing charges in the Sunshine State include:

  • Age 53, of Kissimmee, Ma Gracia Cadet
  • Clearwater resident Eva LeBeau, 65—
  • The man from Largo, Lori Lebrecht, 60
  • Robert Desselle of Sarasota, 46 years old
  • Mr. Marques Green, Elijah, 29, of Windermere
  • One Lithia resident, Lisa Williams, 56,
  • Miami resident Lawrence Waldman, 57
  • Orlando resident Erin Kim, 54,
  • Long Island resident Eric Brewer, 28

The 63-year-old Waymon Wallace of Cincinnati, OH

FBI Accuses 9 Floridians of Participating in a Nationwide Healthcare Fraud Scheme

Image – Fox Business

Brewer is said to have injected himself with fentanyl while he was on the run from Tampa area hospitals after taking the drug from patients.


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Someone discovered his used bloody paper towel and needle in the restroom, and his coworkers noticed him acting intoxicated during his shift, leading to his arrest. The charges against Williams also include medical staff tampering with fentanyl infusion bags.

Accusations of insurance fraud amounting to millions of dollars in Medicare funds have been leveled against Cadet, LaBeau, Desselle, and Green.

The Department of Justice also claimed that Waldman received roughly $380,000 in bribes and kickbacks for filing false claims with Medicare.

Kim allegedly received more than $800,000 for dispensing more than 1.5 million pills of Adderall and other stimulants.

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