Father Stops Assault by Rideshare Driver on His Daughter: Police Statement

Father Stops Assault by Rideshare Driver on His Daughter Police Statement

Authorities in the state of Washington are looking into a shooting that occurred on Saturday night after learning that a father had allegedly witnessed his daughter being sexually assaulted by a rideshare driver while she was “highly intoxicated.”

Sheriff’s deputies from Thurston County responded to complaints of a firearms violation in Nisqually Valley early on Saturday morning.

When a car was trying to leave the area, a deputy pulled it over and saw the driver was hurt.

Father Stops Assault by Rideshare Driver on His Daughter Police Statement

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Deputies discovered two shot casings close to the location while conducting their investigation.

Thurston County crime scene

A ride-sharing driver was detained by Thurston County sheriff’s deputies after he allegedly attempted to rape a lady who was “highly intoxicated”. — (Office of the Sheriff for Trenton County)

Based on their investigation, detectives discovered that the motorist attempting to flee the scene was a rideshare driver who had driven a “highly intoxicated female.”

Car from the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office

According to police, the rideshare driver was observed attempting to flee the scene. (Office of the Sheriff for Trenton County)


Alleged Assault by Banker at Brooklyn Pride Festival Leaves Woman Injured

At a popular fishing location, the woman’s father allegedly found his daughter being sexually attacked by the rideshare driver, according to officials.

Shots were fired amid an altercation, according to the police.

After being taken to a nearby hospital, the rideshare driver received medical attention for the wounds he had received in the collision.

The rideshare driver was subsequently taken into custody, according to the police, on suspicion of second-degree rape and kidnapping.

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