Ex-Sheriff Jamey Noel Faces 31 Felonies, Bond Hiked to $1.5 Million after 60-day Sentence in Indiana

Ex-Sheriff Jamey Noel Faces 31 Felonies, Bond Hiked to $1.5 Million after 60-day Sentence in Indiana

Former Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel finished his 60-day sentence on Saturday. He was found guilty of contempt of court for illegally having two guns.

Noel is still in the Scott County Jail on a $1.5 million bond set by Special Judge Larry Medlock. This comes after Noel was charged with six new theft and money laundering crimes last week.

“With all these luxuries and money that you’ve allegedly taken I’m thinking about $1.5 million dollars in bond outta be appropriate, you should be able to post that with no problem, with everything that you have,” Medlock said in court.

After six more charges were brought against Jamey Noel on Tuesday, Medlock decided to raise his bond.

“I may be wrong but my responsibility is to the citizens of Clark County and the state of Indiana,” he said. “And I think it’s what must be done in their best interest and restore their faith of the rule of law.”

There’s a good chance that someone else will have to post bail instead of Noel this time.

Judge Todd Rokita was asked by Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita to stop Noel and his family from selling things like cars, homes, gold, and clothes.

He is now being charged with 31 felonies, such as theft, fraud, and tax dodging. An audit showed that Utica Township Volunteer Fire and New Chapel Ems had used more than one business name.

That made it harder to keep track of public money.

“You still seem to think that the Utica Volunteer Fire Department’s your personal piggy bank,” Medlock said. “All the while, every day, individuals are trying to survive working paycheck to paycheck with their own money — that they’ve worked hard for — while you were out flaunting luxuries acquired allegedly at the expense of taxpayers.”

Auditors said that Clark and Floyd county taxpayers gave New Chapel EMS about $3.8 million from 2019 to 2023 as per WDRB News.

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