Elderly Woman Found Dead Beneath Household Items in Condo, Head Trauma Suspected

Elderly Woman Found Dead Beneath Household Items in Condo, Head Trauma Suspected


Police in Washington, D.C., are holding a 49-year-old man who is suspected of assaulting an officer. The man admitted to them that he killed his mother in Pennsylvania.

The Bucks County District Attorney’s Office reports that on June 16, Washington, D.C., Metro Police asked for 82-year-old Dolores Ingram’s welfare investigated. In the course of his claimed assault on an officer and vandalism of a police car, William Ingram, the mother’s son, told police he had killed his mother. This led to William Ingram’s detention by Metro Police.

Following their arrival, Northampton Police discovered Dolores Ingram dead inside a condominium on Beacon Hill Drive. Blood on the floor, walls, window, and windowsill was observed by the officers, according to the prosecution. As to the district attorney’s office, the furniture in the home “appeared in disarray.”

Police broke down the door and saw that everything had been removed from the living room, save for a stack of clothing, linens, towels, and other comparable household goods off to one side of the room. Officers discovered a foot that “felt cold to the touch,” according to prosecutors after officers removed the objects and couch. “Noted that there appeared to be no signs of life,” the officer supposedly said.

Elderly Woman Found Dead Beneath Household Items in Condo, Head Trauma Suspected

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When the victim was discovered buried beneath the objects, investigators discovered that Dolores Ingram had suffered a serious head injury.

A witness reported that on Saturday, June 15, at around one in the morning, they heard heavy banging, according to the district attorney’s office.

Shortly after 1:40 in the morning, the witness checked her home security system and saw what appeared to be “William Ingram running out of the condo shirtless.” Just one minute later, he supposedly returned to the unit before leaving at around ten in the morning, carrying a duffel bag and dressed in a shirt. I haven’t seen him since the witness stated.


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Although they discovered the victim’s vehicle was missing, authorities discovered William Ingram’s automobile in the parking lot of the condominium, according to the prosecution. By using license plate readers, investigators were able to ascertain that Dolores Ingram had driven her car from the house. William Ingram’s car key fob was discovered by police next to the victim’s body, according to the district attorney’s office.

Authorities have charged William Ingram with stealing his mother’s car, and he is still being held in custody in Washington, D.C. Extra charges are planned, according to the prosecutors.

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