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Mesa, Arizona — The abrupt death of a Scottsdale detective left the community and law enforcement organizations shocked and in mourning. The cause of the investigator’s death was revealed by the Mesa Police Department in a recent press conference.

Last week, it was discovered that Detective John Stevens, a reputable and adored employee of the Scottsdale Police Department, had passed away under strange circumstances.

After serving for more than 15 years with the Scottsdale Police Department, Detective Stevens was found unconscious at his Mesa home by a family member. A thorough investigation was conducted to ascertain the cause of his premature death, as initial reports did not point to any foul play. To determine the precise cause, the Mesa Police Department performed a thorough autopsy and toxicology testing in coordination with the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Detective Stevens passed away from an acute myocardial infarction, also referred to as a heart attack, Chief Ramon Batista of the Mesa Police Department disclosed at the press conference. Undiagnosed coronary artery disease was a major condition that Stevens had, according to the medical examiner’s findings. It was this illness that precipitated the unexpected heart arrest that killed him.


Image: Fox 10 Phoenix

Chief Batista offered his condolences, saying, “Detective Stevens was a beloved member of the Scottsdale community as well as a committed police officer. His unfortunate demise serves as a harsh reminder of the value of heart health and routine checkups with the doctor.”

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Those who knew Detective Stevens were feeling a mixture of relief and sadness over the news of his cause of death. The certification of natural causes of death has brought some closure to the speculations of friends and colleagues over the circumstances surrounding his death. Still, it is very felt that such a dedicated and enthusiastic officer is no longer with us.

“John was more than just a colleague; he was a friend to many in our department,” Scottsdale Police Chief Alan Rodbell said in a statement to the public. We shall never forget his commitment to excellence in his career and his generosity to others. At this extremely trying time, our prayers and thoughts are with his family.”

With multiple awards for his work in criminal investigations, Detective Stevens had a distinguished career. He gained the respect and admiration of his peers and the community in particular for his contributions to the resolution of several well-publicized cases. Stevens was well known for his volunteer work and his participation in community outreach initiatives that assisted at-risk adolescents, in addition to his professional accomplishments.

The Mesa and Scottsdale Police Departments are asking their officers and the public to be mindful of their health in light of this unfortunate tragedy. They stress that to avert such catastrophes, routine medical exams and upholding a healthy lifestyle are crucial.

“Detective Stevens’ death is a significant loss to us all,” Chief Batista said in closing the press conference. In both our personal and professional lives, let us remember him by looking out for one another and taking care of ourselves.”

Detective Stevens left behind a legacy of devotion and dedication to public safety that will surely survive, even as the Scottsdale community grieves his passing. In addition to his professional accomplishments, his friends, family, and coworkers will cherish his memory for his kindness, generosity, and steadfast dedication to making his neighborhood a safer place.

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