Wolf Attack at French Zoo Leaves Woman Injured

Wolf Attack at French Zoo Leaves Woman Injured

A lady was attacked by wolves on Sunday while jogging in a driving-only safari area of a zoo park west of Paris, leaving her with critical injuries.

According to French media sources, the incident happened at the zoo in Thoiry, which is located 25 miles west of Paris.

The unidentified 37-year-old Parisian lady was mauled by three wolves and bit in the neck, leg, and back, according to French network TF1. The presenter said, “She was rushed to the hospital, but her condition has stabilized.”

The mauling victim reportedly spent the night before the attack in the zoo’s guest accommodations. According to the local channel, the attack happened when the victim went into a portion of the reserve that was off-limits to pedestrians and only accessible by car. After hearing her screams, the zoo keepers located her.

The French media said that an investigation into the disaster has been opened.

According to reports from the Le Parisien newspaper, Christelle Bercheny, President of the Wow Safari Thoiry organization, stated in a news briefing on Sunday that the woman reached an area where electrical barriers keep animals from leaving but do not prohibit humans from entering.

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Bercheny noted that visitors are constantly reminded of the area’s risk and are provided with “all the information” about it. She also mentioned that an internal investigation has been initiated.

According to Le Parisien, the woman was lodging at the safari park with her mother and child.

The zoo claims to be offering a safari that is “40 minutes from the Parisian jungle” on its website. It is located on 90 hectares, or around 222 acres, and is home to over 750 animals, including Arctic wolves, which are native to northern Canada.

The reserve provides overnight stays for “immersive” activities and outdoor eating amongst wild creatures. A unique experience that allows guests to “relax and live in complete privacy with the Arctic wolves that you can observe night and day from your living room” is offered at some of the lodges.


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