Wilderness Encounter: Bear Attack Injures 2 Hikers in Canadian National Park

Wilderness Encounter Bear Attack Injures 2 Hikers in Canadian National Park

Following the bear assault on two hikers on Tuesday afternoon, certain areas of a national park in Canada have been blocked.

The hikers were at Alberta’s Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada; their identities are unknown. The two hikers were heading to Ruby Ridge, a vibrant rock feature in the park, near Crandell Lake.

About two miles separate the two locations, which are connected by a multitude of routes of various lengths. In a statement released by park officials, it was stated that the two came into contact with the bear at 2:00 PM local time.

The hikers were charged by a bear. The hikers were able to use bear spray, although they were both hurt. After that, the bear “disengaged,” according to park officials, and the two departed the area.

After managing to escape the attack site on foot, the two were taken to a nearby hospital. Both were in a stable state.

Although they are looking for the bear, park officials claimed they haven’t found it yet. The type of bear and potential reason for its attack on the hikers are unknown.

The park’s website states that grizzly and black bears coexist there, with black bears being more prevalent.

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According to officials, the incident is still being investigated.

According to a news release posted online, park employees should be notified of any bear sightings.

Officials from the park have blocked all areas of the Crandell Lake path and the nearby campground in the interim. The park has blocked more routes, several campgrounds, and backcountry areas, including the Ruby Ridge region where the incident took place.

The park is located alongside the United States Glacier National Park, on the province’s border with Montana.


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