Wilbraham Shocked by Triple Death: Woman and Two Men Found in Home

Wilbraham Shocked by Triple Death Woman and Two Men Found in Home

Wilbraham, Massachusetts — Three persons were discovered dead at a Wilbraham residence on Main Street on Tuesday morning, and the police are looking into the incident.

The victims of the incident, according to District Attorney Anthony Gulluni, were two men and one woman; however, their identities have not yet been released. When someone with access to the house checked on it, they discovered all three of the victims dead inside. By 9:30 a.m., Wilbraham police had been summoned and had reached the residence.

Although locals are asked to avoid the area of Main Street between Highmoor Drive and Burleigh Road, Gulluni stated that there is no threat to the general public.

Wilbraham Shocked by Triple Death Woman and Two Men Found in Home

Image: WWLP

Gulluni says the event happened only inside the residence, and the police are at 851 Main Street in Wilbraham. The investigation is being assisted by the Medical Examiner’s Office and State Police.


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Locals expressed their disbelief that this occurred in their sleepy neighborhood to 22News. While some of the individuals we spoke with requested to remain anonymous, they did inform us that, to the best of their knowledge, a woman did reside in this residence with her son visiting.

“Being in this town is surely something scary. This kind of thing doesn’t happen,” a worried local remarks. It’s just a somewhat peaceful town. This is not common; but, when eight or nine cruisers are in one place, you may be certain that something is wrong.

Locals who are familiar with the area report that they are still in shock that this occurred. “It kind of shook the entire town after seeing what happened in February with the officer that was shot,” stated another local. The fact that we reside in Wilbraham does not preclude the possibility of something terrible happening.

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