U.S. Approves Major $360m Arms Sale to Taiwan Amid Chinese Military Pressure!

U.S. Approves Major $360m Arms Sale to Taiwan Amid Chinese Military Pressure!

The United States State Department has approved a probable $360 million sale of drones and missiles to Taiwan, according to the Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency.
Despite the lack of official diplomatic connections, the United States is legally required to equip Chinese-claimed Taiwan with the ability to defend itself, much to Beijing’s chagrin.
China has increased military pressure on Taiwan, launching war games surrounding the island last month following Lai Ching-te’s inauguration as president.

The sale “will help improve the recipient’s security as well as maintain political stability, military balance, and economic progress in the region,” the Pentagon agency said in separate releases in the United States on Tuesday.
The transaction comprises Switchblade 300 anti-personnel and anti-armour loitering bombs and accompanying equipment for an estimated cost of $60.2 million, as well as ALTIUS 600M-V drones and supporting equipment for $300 million, according to the agency. Loitering weapons are small guided missiles that can fly around a target area before being ordered to hit.

Taiwan’s defense ministry expressed gratitude, particularly for the United States’ attempts to enhance arms shipments to the island. Taiwan has regularly complained about delayed supplies.
“In the face of the Chinese communists’ frequent military operations around Taiwan, these US-agreed-to arms sales items will have the ability to detect and strike in real-time, and can respond quickly to enemy threats,” the statement read.

The ministry emphasized that peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait require China’s goodwill.
“It is hoped that the People’s Liberation Army will stop its oppressive military operations around Taiwan and jointly contribute to regional stability.”

Source: reuters.com

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