Trump’s Pledge to ‘Eliminate Taxes on Tips’ Highlights GOP’s Outreach to Minority Communities

Trump's Pledge to ‘Eliminate Taxes on Tips’ Highlights GOP’s Outreach to Minority Communities

Former President Trump promised to “eliminate taxes on tips” for service industry workers during two separate speeches in Detroit on Saturday.

“Former President Trump campaigned in both minority and middle-class neighborhoods…” Fox News presenter Julie Banderas remarked, “It’s the first time you’ve seen a Republican really, truly hunker down and focus on these communities.”

“I will eliminate taxes on tips for restaurant workers, hospitality workers, and anyone else relying on tips; no more taxes on tips,” the GOP front-runner stated, repeating a commitment he made on his 78th birthday in Florida this past Friday.

“Hair salon employees rely on gratuities to make ends meet. That is where they get their money, so why would you want to screw over middle America? Because that is middle America. “Those are your voters,” Banderas added.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) supports Trump’s idea.

“I believe the president is correct that it is simpler and fairer to just exempt tips from federal income tax. On “Sunday Morning Futures,” he suggested that a single proposal may win Donald Trump the state of Nevada.

Trump went on to encourage individuals to share his promise with other voters by writing it on their receipts, which drew backing from other famous public figures. Kid Rock, a musician, did the same, emailing Trump a snapshot of a Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse receipt with a $400 tip and a handwritten note reading, “A vote for Trump is a vote for no tax on tips.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., followed suit, publishing a photo of her receipt with a $120 tip that read “Vote Trump!” There is no tip tax!!”

Trump’s “no more taxes on tips” proposal follows President Biden’s water-efficiency standards for residential appliances. The Biden administration is facing a lawsuit challenging the validity of the Energy Department’s new water efficiency standards for dishwashers and clothes washers.

“This is micromanagement of our life. This is how we feel every day when we can’t get enough water out of the showerhead or into the dishwasher. Tammy Bruce, a Fox News contributor, asked why this is an issue. “This is certainly Trump’s strength: correcting the insanity that we’ve seen under Biden. And his team is fighting for more of the same.


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