Teens Found Guilty in Attacks in Cincinnati’s Downtown Face a Range of Punishments

Teens Found Guilty in Attacks in Cincinnati's Downtown Face a Range of Punishments

Cincinnati —

The juveniles accused in the attacks that occurred in downtown Cincinnati in January are now having their cases concluded in court.

Because of their involvement in the attacks on two innocent individuals, the teenagers were apprehended, subjected to multiple judicial hearings, and handed down a range of penalties.

Since the attacks, the majority of them have been held in juvenile jail. However, as their cases are being decided, they are gradually being released. There’s just one baby left. The juvenile’s grandma was interviewed by Local 12.

(Given) “I will demonstrate love, empathy, and direction to my grandchild,” Jeanell declared.

The teen caught on camera in January is her grandchild, who is 17 years old. She has now decided to seek custody of her grandchild in the hopes of putting the horrific attacks in the past.

At 8:00 p.m., the initial incident occurred along Vine Street. About eight young people pounced on the victim as he was walking toward 6th Street. Before stealing his phone, they assaulted the man with multiple punches and kicks.

Government Square was the site of the second assault. Once more, the youths assaulted another adolescent, relentlessly striking and kicking him.

Teens Found Guilty in Attacks in Cincinnati's Downtown Face a Range of Punishments

One adult and seven minors were each brought up on charges.

A punishment of $5,000 and six to eighteen months in prison await 18-year-old Jadin Shaw, who pleaded guilty to aggravated rioting. A couple of the younger youths pled guilty to charges of simple assault. One was put on probation, and the other was forced to pay the victim $800.


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Three juveniles face charges of violent assault. In addition to placing two of them in group homes, the judge also ordered them to serve probation until they turned 21. A judge remanded the third juvenile offender to a treatment center for a minimum of one year and a maximum of twenty-one months on Tuesday.

Getting one’s hands on stolen goods got another teen in hot water. As a result, the prosecution dismissed the robbery accusation related to the assaults in the downtown area. The juvenile did admit to a reduced charge. Additionally, he was given a curfew of 7:00 p.m. and released to his parents. It was Wednesday in court when the seventh adolescent—Jeanell’s granddaughter—appeared. Next week, sentencing will take place after she admitted to the felony of assault.

Assuming all goes according to plan, my grandchild will grow up to be a good citizen. Remorseful, [she] is,” Jeanell mentioned. “Looks like my grandchild has taken a lesson from this.”

Jeanell mentioned that her grandchild had a career goal of helping foster children.

“Someone needs to speak up for these kids across the country,” Jeanell remarked. “Children are being let down by the very system that is meant to safeguard and assist them, and it’s not limited to Ohio; it’s happening nationwide.”

Despite the attacks, some positive outcomes occurred. After school in the afternoons, representatives from Cincinnati and other local organizations started showing up to Government Square and Fountain Square to see whether the youths who frequented the areas needed assistance. These two terrible attacks have benefitted a lot of people.

The sentencing hearing for the 18-year-old offender is set for the last week of July. Subpoenaed to appear at that sentencing is the man he and the others assaulted.

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