Teen Prodigy Surprises China with Math Contest Victory Over A.I.”

Teen Prodigy Surprises China with Math Contest Victory Over A.I.

In a math competition, a young girl from China outperformed artificial intelligence (AI) and students from prominent colleges including Princeton, Stanford, and MIT.

Her modest academic background contributed to the astonishment and support that the 17-year-old fashion design student received. Jiang Ping was the sole participant from a vocational school out of thousands, despite the fact that vocational schools are not typically associated with academic rigor in China, according to state media.

Jiang qualified for the final eight-hour test on Saturday as one of the 801 worldwide finalists in the popular and very difficult Alibaba worldwide Math Competition after placing 12th in the most recent qualifying round.

The 48-hour qualifying round, which consisted of multiple-choice and essay-length questions, concluded last Saturday.

The organizers announced in a post on the Chinese social media site Weixin that no A.I. teams had made it to the finals.

Jiang’s upset victory has won him devoted followers. As of Saturday, a hashtag pertaining to her had received 17 million views. The hashtag said in Chinese, “Anyone can be a dark horse in a life not defined by others.”

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Algebra, probability, and applied mathematics are all covered in the contest questions.

Jiang, a student of fashion design from the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu, received praise on social media from several Chinese colleges for her outstanding performance.

“Kudos to Jiang Ping! Anyone who has a dream is amazing!”

The esteemed eastern Chinese university Zhejiang University said on Weibo.

The victors will get prizes totaling up to $30,000 when the final results are revealed in August.

Working on advanced arithmetic “brings out my desire to explore,” the speaker stated in an interview that was uploaded by the event organizers and had over 4 million views. The majority of viewers expressed shock at the outcomes and wondered if they were real.


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