Steve Harvey’s Interview Style With Kamala Harris Sparks Debate on Political Discourse

Steve Harvey's Interview Style With Kamala Harris Sparks Debate on Political Discourse

During an interview with Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday, comedian and pop culture figure Steve Harvey defended his decision to ask simple questions.

Harris spoke with Harvey during the 100 Black Men of America summit in downtown Atlanta. While the visit was not an official campaign event, it came amid the Biden team’s efforts to shore up Black support ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

As Harvey led the discussion about Harris’ Economic Opportunity Tour, he outlined his aims to the crowd. “Before y’all start calling my radio show and DM-ing me talking about why you ain’t asked no hard hitting questions – That ain’t what this is,” Harvey stated. “I am throwing a lob. This is an alley-oop to dunk. Because this government needs to spread the word about what they’re actually doing and accomplishing, so we can stop all this nonsense about ‘What are you doing for Black people?'”

Harvey said that the administration cannot have an explicit plan “just for Black people” and expect to win the White House. You’ve got to play the game differently. You all know what this is. So the next question is a lob for her to dunk.”

He also went on to say that Black Americans must vote if they want to be able to request anything from the government.

“See, I’m on this radio show, I’m hearing all these people talking about, ‘I’m not voting if they not doing nothing for us,'” he stated.

“Listen to me, if you do not vote, the analytics will show [it],” he stated. “If we don’t vote, how are we going to ask for something next time?” “If you don’t have any voting power, are you talking about reparations? “Nobody is going to give you any reparations if you don’t vote,” he continued. “So, you think they’re going to give us some money? No way, man. I hope they do. They owe us. “I will go down there!”


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