New NATO Support Package for Ukraine: Increased Security Assistance and Training

New NATO Support Package for Ukraine Increased Security Assistance and Training

A new strategy for coordinating security assistance and training for Ukraine has been approved by alliance military ministers, according to a statement made by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Friday.

As Ukraine defends itself against Russia’s invasion and occupation, over 700 NATO personnel will arrange and coordinate military equipment donations as well as training.

“This will allow NATO leaders to launch this effort at the Washington Summit in July, putting our support to Ukraine on a firmer footing for years to come,” Stoltenberg stated.

The newly formed command in Wiesbaden, Germany, headed by a three-star general and answering to the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, will be part of the enhanced coordination effort for support to Ukraine.

“NATO will oversee training of Ukrainian armed forces at training facilities in Allied countries, support Ukraine through the planning and coordination of donations; manage transfer and repair of equipment, provide support to the long-term development of Ukraine’s Armed Forces,” Stoltenberg stated.

He went on to say that these initiatives do not equate to NATO taking sides in the fighting. However, he declared that they will strengthen NATO’s backing for Ukraine in order “to uphold its right to self-defense.”

NATO defense ministers discussed a wide range of measures to counter Russia’s aggressiveness during a two-day conference. These measures included enhancing intelligence sharing, bolstering cyber and underwater infrastructure protection, and implementing more measures to limit Russian spy agents.

The defense ministers of NATO, according to Stoltenberg, are discussing “the ongoing campaign of hostile acts that Russia is conducting against Allies.”

He stated that these include an increase in cyberattacks, sabotage, arson, and the use of migration as a weapon to try to destabilize NATO countries.

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“There have been several arrests across the Alliance, in United Kingdom, in Poland, in Germany and in other -in the Baltic countries,” Stoltenberg stated to reporters. “All people that are accused of working with Russian intelligence services, to conduct sabotage against infrastructure, and other facilities in our countries.”

With 500,000 troops “at high readiness across all domains, significantly more than the goal that was set at the 2022 Madrid Summit,” according to Stoltenberg, NATO has a powerful military deterrent.

This year, NATO expanded the number of battle groups stationed on its eastern flank by double and carried out the ‘Steadfast Defender’ exercise, which involved some ninety thousand troops throughout Europe.

Over the next five years, hundreds more air defense and artillery systems, 850 new aircraft, and “a lot of high-end capabilities” will be added to increase military readiness and deterrence.

Additionally, efforts are being made to strengthen defense-industrial bases and upgrade nuclear capabilities on a constant basis.

Answering inquiries from reporters According to Stoltenberg, Ukraine would get more sophisticated air defense systems from NATO members, notably Patriots and SAMP/Ts from Italy.

“Russia needs to understand that they have to stop their aggression against Ukraine,” Stoltenberg stated. “And I strongly believe that the stronger our military support to Ukraine is and the more committed we are for long term, the sooner President Putin will understand that and the sooner we can have a lasting peace.”


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