Kings Island Incident: Man Struck by Banshee Roller Coaster, Says Report

Kings Island Incident Man Struck by Banshee Roller Coaster, Says Report

MASON, Ohio —

Following claims that he was struck by the Banshee roller coaster at Kings Island, which is close to Cincinnati, a guy was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday night.

Early on Thursday morning, a representative for Kings Island gave 3News the following statement:

It is thought that a visitor entered a fenced-in section of the Banshee roller coaster on Wednesday at about 8:00 p.m. and was hit by the ride. The park’s first aid and safety staff took prompt action and called in local emergency responders.

The University of Cincinnati Medical Center was the destination for the guest. The attraction is still halted until an investigation is carried out by park staff and local authorities.

Kings Island Incident: Man Struck by Banshee Roller Coaster, Says Report

Kings Island’s primary concern is the guest’s and his family’s well-being. At this point, there is nothing else to disclose.

The guest, a 38-year-old guy, was rushed to the hospital by Mason police with what is described as a “critical injury,” according to NBC affiliate WLWT.


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Similar to Cedar Point’s Raptor, the Banshee is an inverted roller coaster where passengers’ feet hang and the trains are below the track. 2014 saw the attraction’s initial opening.

This is how the Banshee is described by Kings Island:

The longest steel inverted roller coaster in the world will make thrill-seekers scream with delight. The 4,124-foot long coaster ties another steel inverted roller coaster record with seven stomach-churning inversions.

Banshee, which has the theme of a sobbing legendary messenger from the underworld with glistening eyes and flowing white hair, offers the following series of breathtaking thrills: A total of 68 mph may be reached on this 167-foot lift hill, 150-foot curving initial drop, dive loop, vertical loop surrounding the lift hill, zero-gravity roll, two batwing inversions, outside loop, spiral, in-line roll, and carousel ride!

Riders encounter an elevation shift of 208 feet between the highest point of the ride, the 167-foot-tall lift hill, and the lowest point, the batwing inversions, due to the natural topography beneath Banshee. Instead of hitting the first drop like riders do on most other roller coasters, the top speed of 68 mph is attained halfway through the ride.

A visitor to Cedar Point was struck and killed back in August 2015, according to park officials, after he went into a fenced-in, restricted area of the Raptor.

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