Homicide Squad Looking Into 2-year-old Boy’s Drive-by Gunshot in East Columbus

Homicide Squad Looking Into 2-year-old Boy's Drive-by Gunshot in East Columbus

Columbus, Ohio –

Sunday night, a drive-by shooting occurred on Columbus’ east side, and the two-year-old boy is fighting for his life.

The gunman allegedly fled in a gray or silver four-door sedan, but Columbus Police are still looking for him.

The mother is still at the hospital with her son, according to a family friend.

Residents expressed their shock and heartbreak, as well as their anxiety about the gunman still being at large. Before further injuries, they demanded that the violence in this neighborhood be addressed.

The young youngster and his family were spotted outside by Sandy Kirkland throughout Sunday.

Homicide Squad Looking Into 2-year-old Boy's Drive-by Gunshot in East Columbus

“With the door open, the neighbors were enjoying a small celebration.” Outside, children were having fun. As Kirkland put it, “They were grilling out.” The celebration became louder as the day went on. Nearly the whole day, music was playing nonstop.


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An unidentified individual drove by the complex and fired rounds shortly before 9 p.m., according to Columbus police, bringing an abrupt end to the events. Officers said that the gunman drove off right away.

Neighbor Shawna Stewart stated, “I hear gunfire going on.” “My husband agreed when I told him that wasn’t fireworks.”

The boy, two years old, was critically injured by the gunman’s bullet.

According to Stewart, “the child is going to lose his life and he hasn’t even begun to live.” “This gun violence has to stop,” someone said.

Before the gunfire, a woman claimed to have heard fighting. Toys were left in the yard and doors still had gunshot holes on Monday.

Just a short distance from the scene of the boy’s shooting, Stewart and Kirkland also pointed out a memorial, explaining that it was built in memory of another two-year-old who died in a hit-and-run accident roughly three years prior. When discussing the effects of violence on innocent lives, both of them became quite upset.

Kirkland remarked, “These babies are hard and difficult to see out here.”

It was stated that the neighborhood is unfortunately rife with violence, particularly gun violence.

“It is becoming more dire. Everything is deteriorating rapidly. Nearby somewhere, you can hear it practically every night,” Kirkland remarked.

They added that action must be taken to stop the violence by state and local officials.

Eventually, Stewart remarked, “Let’s cut the crap.” “Gun violence claims the lives of enough of our own children and people, and instead of working together, you’re growing resentful and fighting back and forth.” For what purpose?”

According to Columbus police, their homicide section is looking into this case because of the boy’s serious injuries. Please get in touch with them immediately if you have any information about the suspect or the vehicle.

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