Dog Mauled Infant to Death in Tennessee; Baby was Asleep in Crib during Dog Attack

Dog Mauled Infant to Death in Tennessee; Baby was Asleep in Crib during Dog Attack

A sad event has left a couple in Tennessee heartbroken as they mourn the death of their newborn son. The bad thing that happened was that their family dog struck the child while he was sleeping.

Not long ago, Mark and Chloe Mansoor from Knoxville, Tennessee, talked to local media about their experience with baby Ezra and how dangerous it can be to leave kids alone with pets.

“One might believe that such a situation would never occur to them.”Chloe told WBIR, “It can happen to anyone, no matter what breed of dog they have or how long they’ve had them.”

No sooner than the baby was sound asleep in his crib when the family’s husky attacked, even though there were already two dogs in the house. The couple, who had just become parents, had had the dog for eight years and said it had never been mean to them.

The 6-week-old boy was declared dead on Thursday, May 30, which was a very sad event.

“It was a revelation to see the overwhelming support and love he already had,” she said. “Ezra was peacefully resting in his crib, not making a sound.” She also attacked without notice, which was a surprise.

Chloe thought, “The many sleepless nights and constant diaper changes—looking back, I would gladly endure a million sleepless nights and dirty diapers and welcome all the fussiness.” They would love every second and never take them for granted.

Ezra’s family has said that his parts will be given to people who need them.

The mother talked about how much she loved her baby boy and told others to enjoy their time with loved ones.

The family’s husky has been taken to an animal rescue nearby.

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