Deadly Crash: Motorcyclist Dies in Collision with Commercial Truck Close to Wright

Deadly Crash Motorcyclist Dies in Collision with Commercial Truck Close to Wright

A biker was killed in a terrible event close to Wright when they collided with a commercial truck. Around ten miles north of Wright, on a rural section of Highway 59, an accident happened late on Thursday afternoon.

The rider, whose name has not yet been made public, was heading south when the crash happened, according to early reports from the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office. The motorcycle appeared to have lost control before swerving into the path of the oncoming vehicle, according to witnesses at the scene. Despite his best efforts, the truck driver was unable to swerve and escape the collision.

The rider was declared dead at the site even though emergency personnel were sent there right away. The commercial truck driver received on-site treatment for minor injuries.

Regarding the tragedy, Sheriff Scott Matheny expressed his condolences to the family of the deceased and noted the unfortunate nature of the situation. “This is a heartbreaking situation for all involved,” he stated. “We urge all drivers to exercise caution, especially on rural roads where visibility can be limited.”

Deadly Crash Motorcyclist Dies in Collision with Commercial Truck Close to Wright

The investigation and cleanup required a temporary closure of the highway in both directions. There were major delays as a result of the traffic being rerouted to other roads. Although the road has subsequently been reopened by the authorities, they are still looking into the precise circumstances that led to the disaster.


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This is Campbell County’s third deadly motorcycle accident of the year. The Sheriff’s Office has reiterated its appeals for more safety precautions and awareness among drivers of larger vehicles as well as motorcycle riders. “On the road, motorcycle riders are especially vulnerable,” said Matheny. “We all need to be more vigilant and aware of our surroundings to prevent such tragedies.”

Concerns and grief over the occurrence have been voiced by locals. Wright resident Jane Thompson said, “It breaks my heart to learn of another life lost on our roadways. I hope that everyone will take extra caution in light of this.”

The motorcyclist’s identity will be made public after notifying their next of kin. The details of the funeral have not yet been disclosed.

Anyone with more information on the accident is encouraged to get in touch with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office while the investigation proceeds.

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