BIG EXCLUSIVE! $22 Million to IndyGo for Washington Street And the Blue Line

BIG EXCLUSIVE! $22 Million to IndyGo for Washington Street And the Blue Line


The US Department of Transportation said on June 26 that IndyGo has been awarded roughly $22 million in government funding to renovate a 5-mile section of East Washington Street.

New sidewalks and crossings, curb ramps that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and designated bus rapid transit lanes for the Blue Line are among the proposed improvements.

From Highland Avenue in the Holy Cross neighborhood to Edmondson Avenue in Irvington, new traffic lights will also be installed along East Washington Street.

BIG EXCLUSIVE! $22 Million to IndyGo for Washington Street And the Blue Line

Image – Fox 59

Apart from the $142 million in federal financing that President Biden has requested for the project, this financial injection comes from a grant program established after the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law was passed.

Specifically for individuals in underprivileged regions, IndyGo officials claim the $400 million project would increase road user safety and cut down on transit travel times.


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State Senator Aaron Freeman, a Republican from Indianapolis, wrote a measure that would have temporarily prohibited IndyGo from using dedicated bus lanes for the project, which almost put the Blue Line in jeopardy during the 2024 legislative session.

The transport organization claimed that this action would have essentially put an end to the Blue Line project and prevented it from getting federal money in 2025.

Following a deal negotiated behind closed doors by state and local authorities, Freeman’s measure was rejected by House Speaker Todd Huston, a Republican from Fishers. The bill had cleared the Senate.

By utilizing I-70 west of Holt Road, the Blue Line will offer quick transportation along a 24-mile stretch of Washington Street between Cumberland and our airport. The current Route 8 service will be replaced by the new one.

By the end of 2027, construction should have finished, having begun in March of 2025.

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