Australian Pilot Found Guilty of Elderly Camper’s Murder

Australian Pilot Found Guilty of Elderly Camper's Murder

An Australian pilot was found guilty of killing an elderly woman who vanished in Victoria in March 2020, but he was found not guilty by a jury of her companion camper’s death.

Greg Lynn, 57, was convicted guilty of killing Carol Clay, 73, in the Wonnangatta Valley of Victoria after a fight.

In spite of her not-guilty plea, Lynn acknowledged relocating the bodies of Ms. Clay and Russell Hill, 74, before setting their tent on fire and burning their remains afterwards.

Australia has been enthralled with the case, which brought about one of the biggest missing person operations in the state’s history.

In Victoria’s Supreme Court, Lynn told the jury during a five-week trial that started in May that he got into a fight with the couple because he was hunting nearby.

His attorneys said that after that, he killed the two in two different altercations over a knife and a shotgun, but that since the killings were accidental, it was not murder.

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Prosecutors, however, contended that he had most likely shot Ms. Clay after killing Mr. Hill.

Although Mr. Hill was married, the court heard that he and Ms. Clay had been high school sweethearts who had rekindled their romance later in life.

After five days of not hearing from her husband, who typically made a nightly radio contact, Robyn, the wife of Mr. Hill, called authorities on May 25, 2020, to report the couple’s absence.

After six days of deliberation, the jurors delivered their divided judgment without offering any additional commentary.

On July 19, Lynn is scheduled to get a sentence. The maximum punishment available to him is life in jail.


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