Attack On ‘Idiot’ Thief Apprehended by Homestead Police During $20K Sneaker Theft Attempt

Attack On 'Idiot' Thief Apprehended by Homestead Police During $20K Sneaker Theft Attempt

Homestead, Florida –

Someone who was there at the recent break-in in south Miami-Dade County said, “What an idiot!” The intruder lost his footing while dangling from the SmartStop Self Storage building’s roof.

The storage container at 1235 NE 12 Ave. was broken into, and sneakers valued at around $20,000 were stolen. It was later determined by Homestead police that the clumsy thief was Tyvarius Tygwyan Stroud Mattison.

At least two other break-ins occurred at SmartStop Self Storage.

One apartment building’s owners accuse Stroud Mattison of stealing footwear and clothing valued at thousands of dollars in late June. They awaited his return and, on Thursday, accosted him.

Speaking about his behavior after leaving her unit, the victim said that he was planning to return for additional harassment. He entered in from above, utilizing a cart or dolly as a step, and began to loosen the screws from the top.

As Stroud Mattison was approached and the police were summoned, he made a last-ditch effort to flee through the storage lockers, which served as a labyrinth. He knew he had been caught, but in the end he found himself in front of see-through windows with his legs dangling.


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Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center was the suspect’s location on Friday, according to documents from Miami-Dade County’s prisons department. There are five counts against him: resisting an officer without violence, one crime of second-degree grand theft, two counts of third-degree grand theft, three counts of burglary of an unoccupied structure, and one offense of arson.

Stroud Mattison was acquitted of all counts and told to be away from the storage facility when he appeared before a Miami-Dade judge on Friday. There must be a police officer present for him to reclaim his possessions.

The suspect had asked for a reduced bond amount since he was having money problems, but the judge turned him down because of his criminal record and the high value of the stolen goods.

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