As Per Makers, New Law In California Targets Drink-Spiking Incidents

As Per Makers, New Law In California Targets Drink-Spiking Incidents (1)

On July 1, a law mandating that pubs and clubs provide drink-spiking test kits became operative. Approximately 2,400 companies in the state are affected by the law, including hundreds of firms in Los Angeles County.

The mayor of West Hollywood approved the project in February 2022, and the tests identify common medications used in date rape. The City Council decided to continually provide test strips to nightclubs. Among the first cities to sell test strips was West Hollywood.

At the time, the city stated in a statement that “the immediate aim [was] to inform and educate the community members and businesses that drink-spiking test strips are a tool for personal safety that can be used anywhere at any time.”

The new state law was applauded by Lindsey Horvath, Chair of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, 3rd District, who was a member of the West Hollywood City Council in 2022.

According to Horvath, “requiring bars and clubs to carry drink test strips will safeguard patrons from being drugged and potentially sexually assaulted.”

As Per Makers, New Law In California Targets Drink-Spiking Incidents (1)

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“I’ve long supported this important victory because it’s a small move that can make a big difference in neighborhood safety. I’m delighted that this is now legal, and I hope that everybody taking advantage of Los Angeles County’s nightlife understands that they have the right to ask for drink test kits to be safe.

According to the measure, bars, and clubs must provide the strips for free or at a fair price.


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“We’re grateful that West Hollywood supported a solution to a problem we identified in our neighborhood, and that the city not only funded these tests but also made sure that our bars were aware of their benefits and actively promoted them to the community,” Mayor John Erickson stated.

According to Councilman John Heilman, “laws addressing drink spiking are an important part of addressing this activity.” “When people try to use others by drugging them, we need to hold them accountable.”

Assemblymember Josh Lowenthal (D-Long Beach), a restaurant partner and former nightclub owner, introduced the bill. Three other bills by Lowenthal, one of which would force workers to report suspected victims to the police and keep an eye on them, are pending in the legislature. Furthermore, proposed laws would require drink servers to receive training in identifying instances of drink spiking and make lids available upon client request.

Heilman added, “Public education is also crucial.” “We constantly advise customers to be mindful when their drink is being made. People should use caution while taking drinks from strangers or leaving a glass alone. It’s advisable to go out with a group of reliable pals and watch out for one another when having a good time.

Kits for the more than 200 entertainment-related enterprises in the city were partially funded by the 2022 West Hollywood law. The kits were made to identify substances such as ketamine and gamma-hydroxybutyrate.

Public relations officer Sheri Lunn explained, “The test-strip user drops a small amount of drink liquid on the testing patch, which turns a color such as red or blue if drugs are present.”

Thousands of the tests were sent to pubs and clubs since they were originally issued in the summer of 2022.

According to Councilwoman Sepi Shyne, “I am thrilled that the drink spiking test strip initiative, which we first passed in West Hollywood, has become law in California. It is imperative in providing safety for patrons of bars.” “These strips will save lives because, regrettably, drink spiking is extremely difficult to stop or even detect in many cases after the fact.”

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