A Tremendous Chain Has Now Unexpectedly Closed in California

A Tremendous Chain Has Now Unexpectedly Closed in California

After serving the community for 75 years, a well-known chain has suddenly closed in California, according to reports.

Located in the California Bay Area, Caspers Hot Dogs is a small franchised hot dog stand that has been operating since 1949.

To the dismay of devoted customers, its Hayward location—which has been open for more than ten years—will close on July 13.

As Caspers moved to reduce its activities, co-owner Ron Dorian explained the decision, according to SFGate.

Reduced foot traffic in Hayward and the emergence of a competitive, newer Caspers nearby culminated in the decision.

A Tremendous Chain Has Now Unexpectedly Closed in California

Dorian said it was a more “logical” option for the owners to close the older facility, even though it was rich in history.


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There will only be six sites for the business with the closure of 951 C St. Hayward:

  • 1280 Newell Hill Pl., Walnut Creek
  • 2530 MacDonald Ave., Richmond
  • 6 Vivian Drive, Pleasant Hill
  • 5440 Telegraph Ave., Oakland
  • 21670 Foothill Blvd., Hayward
  • 6998 Village Parkway, Dublin

Before growing to a peak of seven shops, the store first debuted in 1949.

Recognizing the significance of the establishment for the neighborhood, Dorian expressed gratitude to the “loyal, multi-generational customers” who have been coming to the restaurant since its launch.

“We value the memories our patrons have made in downtown Hayward and invite them to come to our Caspers location, which is conveniently located on Foothill Blvd., just a mile up the road, to carry on their customs and start new ones for future generations,” Dorian said in a statement.

Dorian’s cousin and co-owner Paul Rustigian sent his own thanks, but this time he directed them towards the staff.

“Who provided friendly service and exceptional dedication in making Caspers C Street a favorite among local Hayward residents,” he congratulated the employees.

The elders of both Dorian’s grandparents, Steve and Adam Beklian, and Rustigian’s grandparents, Paul and Rose Agajan, constructed the site as one of the earliest restaurants.

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