8-month-old Baby Girl Abandoned by Parents in Kentucky; Busted with Massive Loads of Drugs

8-month-old Baby Girl Abandoned by Parents in Kentucky; Busted with Massive Loads of Drugs

Authorities in Kentucky are actively searching for an 8-month-old baby who has been reported missing for several weeks. The baby girl’s parents have been apprehended after being discovered in a motel, where they were found in possession of fentanyl and methamphetamine.

A child named Miya Tucker Rudd from Reynolds Station in Ohio County has been reported missing by Kentucky State Police. The agency conducted a search warrant and welfare check at the family’s home, but unfortunately, the child could not be found. Reynolds Station is located approximately 90 miles southwest of Louisville.

According to a spokesperson from the Kentucky State Police, other family members have not seen her since the beginning of May. The child had been sought by child protection services, who then contacted the police when they were unable to find her, according to a spokesperson.

A woman and a man were discovered at a motel in Owensboro on Wednesday, with no information about the location of their child. They were also found in possession of a significant quantity of drugs, including fentanyl. Owensboro is located approximately 25 miles to the west of Reynolds Station.

“We attempted to interview the parents, but they are not being very cooperative with our investigation,” stated Trooper Corey King of the Kentucky State Police in an interview with Fox News Digital.

According to reports, the whereabouts of the child remain unknown and it is speculated that she may be in the company of other relatives.

Troopers apprehended and filed charges against the duo for drug trafficking and possession, along with the neglect of a minor and child abuse. According to Kentucky State Police, they are currently being held at the Daviess County Detention Center in Owensboro.

Rudd is facing an additional charge of methamphetamine possession.

Rudd was found guilty of two drug offenses in March, including the possession of methamphetamine. He was subsequently placed on a year’s supervised release, as reported by the Kentucky Department of Corrections.

Another man, Ricky Smith, has also been charged by the police in connection with the case. Smith was residing with the couple at their residence on Deanfield Church Road. Authorities report that Smith allegedly utilized the residence as a hub for the distribution of illicit substances. He is facing charges related to drug crimes, child abuse, and endangering the welfare of a child.

During their initial search, King discovered a range of drugs at the residence.

Miya Tucker is described by the police as having brown hair and green eyes. According to Kentucky State Police, she was last believed to be in the custody of her parents.

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